The World 13-Moon Calendar

Change Peace Movement

…”It is no suprise that massive religious objection from representatives of the Catholic Church – the very source of the Gregorian calendar – made false claim that the break in the 7-day week for the 365th day of the 13 month year, (called in today’s world the Day out of Time Global Peace Through Culture Celebration) would anger God and cause “chaos, barbarism, and war.” The unfounded propaganda succeeded in halting the reform. It was again brought to the United Nations, where the debate has been adjourned indefinitely since 1956. As of 1993, the movement to reform the calendar has been taken up by the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. Recognizing our world to be currently saturated in chaos, barbarism, and war, we advocate global calendar change to a harmonic standard as an instrument of Planetary Peace. Because we understand that the calendar we live by directly affects our mind, and our sense of either connection to or disconnection from the rhythms of the natural world, we realize that the first step to global reform is to personally follow a calendar of harmony. In this light, people across 6 continents have already changed their calendar, day by day synchronizing with the harmony of the 13-moon, 28-day calendar!”…

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Acerca de iram17

Il mio mondo è la vertigine e l’abisso io sono lo sguardo del feto dietro le sue palpebre sigillate io sono la luce in punto di morte io sono l’ombra che cade a mezzogiorno io sono la notte che sgombra i letti io sono il sangue sotto le scarpe del condannato io sono il primo a cadere anche se tutti sono già caduti io non sono qui io non sono mai stato qui (Denis Brandani)

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